Except that we are offer our fittings, flanges, etc. We are also offering services like using our lathes, carousels, drilling machines and horizontal and vertical milling cutters. Specifications:


  • SV18R: maximum turning diameter: 320 mm; maximum length of the workpiece: 1000 mm
  • CNC: maximum turning diameter: 510 mm; maximum length of the workpiece: 1350 mm
  • Mazak: maximum turning diameter: 850 mm; maximum length of the workpiece: 1300 mm


  • SK12: maximum turning diameter: 1250mm; maximum high: 700mm 
  • SK14: maximum turning diameter: 1700mm; maximum high: 1050mm 

Drilling machines 

  • TOS VR4 
  • Czepel 

Horizontal and vertical milling cutters

  • Horizontal drill and milling cutter H100 with obverse plate – maximum weight of the workpiece: 3000kg 
  • Milling cutter ISO50